Patient Reviews and Testimonials

I’ve always been physically active but when I turned 50 I noticed that I was not responding to the rigorous hours of hard labor I was putting in the gym. My sexual desire and pleasure was like that of a retired stud horse put to pasture. Thanks to Dr. Bartiss I am in the running again

I felt as though my life was over. My husband and children hated me and I thought that I was losing my friends, my job and my mind. After receiving hormone therapy, my children love me again, I got promoted at work, my friends no longer avoid me and I am once again the women my husband fell in love with. In fact, he cannot keep up with me in the bedroom so I sent him to Dr. Bartiss.

My hot flashes were the least of my problems since I had been a victim of breast cancer several years before. The treatment appeared almost as bad as the disease itself! Although I am grateful and living because of my specialists, I am ALIVE because of Dr. Bartiss.

The day I found Dr. Bartiss I won the lottery. With Dr. Bartiss I found out what my problem was and he corrected it. Now I have a life that I can enjoy. This is after all the years I spent suffering and going to one doctor after another with no results. He is a very caring person and takes time to listen to you.

Dr. Bartiss is very knowledgeable and devotes all the time needed to listen to your problems. He has done wonders for me and I highly recommend him.

I have suffered for many years with numerous tests and many diagnoses until I came to Dr. Bartiss. He is very knowledgeable and kind and has a very humorous personality. He gives me hope.

Dr. Bartiss is very thorough—he spends time with you and is just as eager as you are to find out what is wrong. I saw him years ago when he was a Family Practitioner and returned after never being able to find anyone who possessed his diagnostic skills. He is very intelligent, caring and one of the best docs around.